Meditation (relic)

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Meditation is Mythical Relic, available with the Forgotten Gods Expansion. It can be crafted after finding the Blueprint: Relic - Meditation.

Stats[edit | edit source]

Meditation Relic Icon.png


"The presence of mind to see the greater picture."
Mythical Relic

+58% Acid Damage
+58% Vitality Damage
+58% Poison Damage
+58% Vitality Decay
+28 Defensive Ability
+4% Total Speed
+20% Poison & Acid Resistance
+16% Reduced Entrapment Duration
+1 to all skills in Oathkeeper

Granted Skills

Eldritch Ruminations (Granted by Item)
Meditate upon the secrets of the Eldritch Realm, empowering your attacks and those of your nearby allies with the gifts of the Three. This ability must be toggled to maintain its effect.
3 Active Energy Cost per Second
200 Energy Reserved
15 Meter Radius
144 Acid Damage
186 Vitality Damage
+155% Acid Damage
+155% Vitality Damage
+155% Poison Damage with +50% Increased Duration
+155% Vitality Decay with +50% Increased Duration
+33% Chance of 0,5 Seconds of Confuse Retaliation

Required Player Level: 60