Mayor Bridgewater's Journal

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This note is found in a house in the Village of Darkvale.

I'm not one to wish ill on anyone for their beliefs, but I can't say I like this new faith spreading around town of late. With all the frightening rumours coming from the north, religious fanatics stirring up the populace is the last thing we need. Heath Strighbow says this religion of Ch'thon is not new, but in fact very old. Well, if it's been around for so long how come I have never heard of it? One of their preachers invited me to sit in and listen on their sermons, to dispel any ill feelings I have towards the matter. They seemed innocuous enough, but the obsession with blood and rejoining with their god in the end of days left me uneasy.

Another person has gone missing. Last week it was Thom, who I admit was a drunk and a nuisance to the town, but this week it was Mary Tess, the town seamstress. Zaria told me that she saw Mary leaving town with a group of refugees, just as Trevor did a few days prior. At least Trevor stopped by my place to say he was leaving, but Mary, she didn't say goodbye or take anything with her. It's all just very strange.

As I write this I am preparing to meet with the town leaders to work on a way to handle all of the travellers passing through the Darkvale Gate. Hundreds come through every day now. Thankfully most don't stop, but if this keeps up we will have a real problem on our hands. I don't know what is going on in the capital, but it has everyone concerned.

-Gregor Bridgewater, Mayor of Darkvale