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Maw of Despair

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Maw of Despair is a Legendary Head Armor.

This item can be crafted after finding the Blueprint: Maw of Despair.

Stats[edit | edit source]

Maw of Despair Icon.png

Maw of Despair

"Look upon me and despair, for your hour has struck."
Legendary Heavy Helm
922 Armor

5 Aether Damage
+34% Aether Damage
+605 Health
18% Chaos Resistance
30 Energy Leech Retaliation over 2 Seconds
+5% Skill Cooldown Reduction
+3 to War Cry
+1 to Callidor's Tempest
+1 to all skills in Arcanist

Granted Skills

Despair (30% Chance when Hit by Melee Attacks)
Fill your foes with despair, leaving them helpless before you.
5 Second Skill Recharge
9 Meter Radius
Stun target for 3 Seconds
20 Reduced target's Resistances for 3 Seconds

Required Player Level: 50
Required Physique: 490
Item Level: 50

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