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The following materials are used for crafting. These items are "soulbound" and cannot be traded between characters.

Name Notes
Scrap Icon.png
Scrap Drops regularly from creatures and containers
Aether Crystal Icon.png
Aether Crystal Looted from Aether Crystal creatures.
Aether Shard Icon.png
Aether Shard Crafted from Blacksmith.
Ancient Heart Icon.png
Ancient Heart Can drop from Beasts, Beastkin and Eldritch creatures.
Blood of Ch'thon Icon.png
Blood of Ch'thon Can drop from Ch'thonic - aligned creatures.
Royal Jelly Icon.png
Royal Jelly Can drop from Wasp Nest containers as well as Venomwing Bosses and Heroes.
Tainted Brain Matter Icon.png
Tainted Brain Matter Can drop from Aetherial - aligned creatures.
Manticore Eye Icon.png
Manticore Eye Can drop from Manticores
Chthonic Seal of Binding Icon.png
Chthonic Seal of Binding Can drop from Ch'thonic - aligned creatures