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The following materials are used for crafting.

Name Notes
Scrap Icon.png
Scrap Drops regularly from creatures and containers
Aether Crystal Icon.png
Aether Crystal Looted from Aether Crystal creatures.
Aether Shard Icon.png
Aether Shard Crafted from Blacksmith.
Ancient Heart Icon.png
Ancient Heart Can drop from Beasts, Beastkin and Eldritch creatures.
Blood of Ch'thon Icon.png
Blood of Ch'thon Can drop from Ch'thonic - aligned creatures.
Royal Jelly Icon.png
Royal Jelly Can drop from Wasp Nest containers as well as Venomwing Bosses and Heroes.
Tainted Brain Matter Icon.png
Tainted Brain Matter Can drop from Aetherial - aligned creatures.
Manticore Eye Icon.png
Manticore Eye Can drop from Manticores
Chthonic Seal of Binding Icon.png
Chthonic Seal of Binding Can drop from Ch'thonic - aligned creatures

Ashes of Malmouth[edit | edit source]

The following crafting materials occur only in the Ashes of Malmouth Expansion.

Name Notes
Aetherial Missive Icon.png
Aetherial Missive Drops from Act 5 and 6 Aetherial heroes and Bosses
Aetherial Mutagen Icon.png
Aetherial Mutagen Drops from Act 5 and 6 Aetherial heroes and Bosses
Ugdenbloom Icon.png
Ugdenbloom Drops from Swamp Golem Creatures, heroes and Bosses
Wendigo Spirit Icon.png
Wendigo Spirit Drops from Wendigo Ancients, Heroes and Bosses

Forgotten Gods[edit | edit source]

The following crafting materials occur only in the Forgotten Gods Expansion.

Name Notes
Eldritch Essence Icon.png
Eldritch Essence Drops from Eldritch heroes and Bosses
Celestial Lotus Icon.png
Celestial Lotus
Celestial Essence Icon.png
Celestial Essence

Tier 1
Ascendant AnvilEmpty ThroneFalconHammerHarpyOwlShepherd's CrookToadWolverine
Chaos FiendGhoulJackalRatViperVultureWretch
Eldritch Akeron's ScorpionBatEye of the GuardianFoxHawkQuillRavenScholar's LightSpider
Order Assassin's BladeCraneDryadLionPantherStagTortoise
Primordial BullEelGallowsHoundImpLizardSailor's GuideTsunamiWraith
Tier 2
AfflictionAlladrah's PhoenixAmatok the Spirit of WinterAssassinAutumn BoarBard's HarpBehemothBerserkerBlades of NadaanBysmiel's BondsChariot of the DeadCrabDire BearHarvestman's ScytheHuntressHydraKrakenMagiManticoreMessenger of WarMurmur, Mistress of RumorsOklaine's LanternRevenantRhowan's CrownRhowan's ScepterScales of UlcamaShieldmaidenSolael's WitchbladeSolemn WatcherStaff of RattoshTargo the BuilderTempestTyphos, the Jailor of SoulsUlo the Keeper of the WatersWendigoWidow
Tier 3
AbominationAeon's HourglassAttak Seru, the MirageBlind SageCrossroadsDevotionDying GodIshtak, the Spring MaidenLeviathanLight of EmpyrionMogdrogen the WolfObelisk of MenhirOleronRattosh, the VeilwardenSpear of the HeavensTree of LifeUlzuin's TorchUltos, Shepherd of StormsUnknown SoldierVire, the Stone Matron