Master Varuuk

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Master Varuuk
NPC Info
Location(s): Bastion of the Order
Service(s): -
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Faction: Order of Death's Vigil
Gives Quest(s): Worthy of the Order, Seals of Binding, A Catalyst

Master Varuuk is an NPC located in the Bastion of the Order as a high-ranking member of the Order of Death's Vigil. He is the objective of the quest Seeking the Order, and gives the quests Worthy of the Order, Seals of Binding and A Catalyst.

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

(When offering the quest Worthy of the Order)

One of our most prominent members, Malkadarr, second only to the Keeper, was recently slain by a Chthonian ambush. His remains are now in the possession of the cultists, somewhere out in the Blood Grove.

We cannot lose a mind like Malkadarr. The Keeper has called for the Rite of Resurrection to be performed on the revered necromancer.

It falls to you, my aspiring initiate, to venture into the Blood Grove and recover Malkadarr's remains.

  • [Question] What is the Rite of Resurrection?

It is a sacred ritual performed in dire times to bring back a fallen member of the Order. It is not resurrection in the literal sense, Malkadarr will not be returned to his mortal form. Instead, he will continue to serve the Order as a revenant. Can I count on you to retrieve what's left of him?

  • [Accept Quest] I will recover the remains.
  • [Accept Quest] I will recover the remains.

(If talked to before recovering the remains)

Have you done as I asked, initiate?

  • [Question] Where should I look for the remains?

The cult has several camps scattered around the Blood Grove.

Any one of them could be the place where Malkadarr was taken.

  • [End conversation] I will search for it.
  • [End conversation] Not yet.