Markovian's Defense (Skill)

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Transmuter (Skill) Icon.png   Markovian's Defense
Mastery: Soldier
Tier: 3
Skill Type: Transmuter
Max. Level: 1
Cooldown: n/a
Associated Skills:
Overguard (Skill) Icon.png Overguard
Overguard (Skill) Icon.png


01/12 Requires a shield.
25 Energy Cost
20 Second Skill Recharge
10 Second Duration
6 Damage Absorption
Increases Health Regeneration by 25%
-15% Shield Recovery Time
+15% Shield Damage Blocked
26% Reduced Stun Duration
5% Chance of 1.5 Seconds of Stun Retaliation

12/12 50 Energy Cost
90 Damage Absorption
Increases Health Regeneration by 135%
-35% Shield Recovery Time
+150% Shield Damage Blocked
50% Reduced Stun Duration
50% Chance of 1.5 Seconds of Stun Retaliation

Markovian became a legend on the battlefield for his tactical knowledge, but it was his mastery of the shield is what allowed him to endure countless conflicts and emerge the victor. With enough focus and training, Markovian was capable of maintaining a defensive stance nearly indefinitely at the cost of his offensive, opting to wear out his opponents before striking the killing blow.

Notes[edit | edit source]

This skill transmutes Overguard, reducing the cooldown (and thus improving defensive capability) at the cost of damage output.

Skill Progression[edit | edit source]

Updated to: v1.1.5.1

Base Levels
Level Stats
1/1 -9.5 Second Skill Recharge
Total Damage Modified by -18%
Total Retaliation Damage Modified by -18%
-10% Shield Recovery Time

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