Mad Ramblings

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Mad Ramblings
Mad Ramblings Icon.png
Quest Info
Given by: Ivonda
Location: Steelcap District
Faction: n/a
Type: Side Quest
Prerequisites: -
Unlocks: -
Rewards: XP, Reputation

This is an Act 6 side quest, offered by Ivonda in the Steelcap District Resistance Hideout.

Ivonda appears to have lost her mind, but tells you she has also lost a note. She suggests you might find it for her.

Objectives[edit | edit source]

  • Acquire Ivonda's Memory
  • Bring Ivonda's Memory to her at the Resistance Hideout

Guide[edit | edit source]

The Ivonda's Memory quest item can be found in a chest in the northernmost tip of Malmouth Harbor, inside a house. The chest that contains the item will not spawn unless the quest from Ivonda has been accepted.

The note can be returned to Ivonda immediately, or the player can first follow the clues it holds to a secret treasure.

  • Returning the quest item right away will earn Ivonda's thanks and the reward of a single loot chest Ivonda's Gift. This chest will contain an Epic or Legendary item, and will spawn to the northeast of her, near some tents. (The player will have to leave the area and return for the chest to appear).
  • If the player decides to investigate Ivonda's secret, the clues in the note will lead to the Tomb of Herald Mathis. There, a Loose Torch can be activated (it is the only unlit torch in the dungeon, at the beginning of the level). This will open a secret door leading to a Crypt Entrance. and Ivonda’s Hideaway, a storage room with several treasure chests that contain rare items. The A Mad Stash achievement can be earned upon entering this storage room.

    The note can then be returned to Ivonda after claiming the treasure to complete the quest but Ivonda's Gift will not be spawn. The different dialogue options are for flavor only and will not affect the ending of the quest.

If you do not desire or already have the achievement, you can trigger the torch and enter the hidden area without entering the crypt. If you then riftgate out you can turn the quest in and receive Ivonda's Gift, and return to your riftgate to loot the crypt.

Rewards[edit | edit source]

If you return the quest item right away:

Normal Elite Ultimate
XP 17000 32000 70000
Malmouth Resistance

If you Investigate Ivonda's secret:

Normal Elite Ultimate
XP 17000 32000 70000

Quest Log[edit | edit source]

Quest log
Ivonda is a survivor at the Resistance Hideout in Malmouth, but she doesn't seem to quite be all there. She was rambling on about some treasure she stashed away before the attacks, but she's forgotten where. You can help her by finding whatever reminder she had left for herself, but where is that even?


  • Acquire Ivonda's Memory
  • Bring Ivonda's Memory to her at the Resistance Hideout