Loyalty Through Blood

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Loyalty Through Blood is a note found at Lone Watch.

News has reached us through the tendrils of night that the ritual to the East has failed and Bloodlord Thalonis himself has fallen.

Under the weight of these tragedies, there are some among you who would surrender their faith, cease their devotion, and abandon our great cause. This will not be tolerated. You must maintain your fealty or find yourself hanged and drained with the rest of the faithless rabble.

This is merely another in a long series of tribulations that line our path to greatness. Ch'thon challenges us, tests our faith, but we must not falter. You, the unyielding children of blood, must seek out the weakest among you and punish them for their faltering will.

Thalonis is gone, but another will rise in his place and the faithful shall be rewarded in kind.

Through devotion to Ch'thon and dedication to our cause, we will find our way once more.

- Ulto Treig, Grand Priest