Letter to Theodin Marcell

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Letter to Theodin Marcell is a note found in Crown Hill.

I understand full well what your proposal was and I agreed to all terms, but I had no idea you intended to enact your plans so rapidly.

The dissolution of the sitting council and the appointment of new members of your own choosing is a bold move but it has put myself, as well as the other houses who agreed to join in your arrangement, at grave risk of being defamed. Just this morning, I received a missive from house Greystone wherein Fredric Greystone threatened to report you to the High Council of Eruan and asked for my support in his "refutation" of your illegitimate claim to power". For now, I have no choice but to go along with his little coup so as to defend the reputation of House marion.

Greystone also had a number of interesting accusations about your time in the capital. I would very much like to discuss them in person.

Additionally, our operations in the Candle District have encountered steep opposition. The meager roaches which infest the streets feel that they can make demands of Crown Hill and are threatening rebellion if they are not met.

While I have no doubt you will honor your part of our little arrangement, I prey for the sake of both our great houses that you have a solution to deal with the ever expanding problem that is the growing mass of wretches who consider the Candle District home.


-Ronald Marion