Letter to Ronald Marion

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Letter to Ronald Marion is a note found inside a chest on the upper floor of a building in Crown Hill.

I don't know what Marcell thinks he's doing ousting the council and appointing his cronies to the emptied seats. i cannot imagine a less dignified, more depraved group of individuals has ever served as the leadership of our fine city. What right does he have to return after such long absence, persuing his own goals in the capital, and begin imposing policy on the high families.

It has been the birthright of my family to serve on the city council for four generations. I am not about to stand idly by and allow the Marcell family to manipulate the political structure of our city and I do hope you feel the same.

I will be filing and official complaint directly to the High Council and the Lord Regent's office of Erulan and I ask that you and your house support me in refutation of Theodin Marcell's illegitimate claim to power. I have also heard incredibly disturbing rumors about his 'education' at a medical institution there in the capital. These rumors claim he was forced to leave after an egregious misuse of power. If this is true it may add legitimacy to our claim.

In the meantime I am taking steps to gather opposition against the blatant political ambitions of the Marcell house and plan to contact each of the high houses of Crown Hill individually, seeking their support. Yours is the first I have reached out as our families have proven to be staunch allies in the political sea of our fine city.

I am well prepared to take any and all action against Marcell and the families of those buffoons he's appointed to the council and I hope you will stand by me when that day comes.

With Regards,

-Fredric Greystone