Letter to Councilman Cole

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The Letter to Councilman Cole is a note found in the Candle District.

Dear Mr. Cole... Your Honor, or whatever you call yerself.

Now I ain't no gentleman or no high-class business person and I imagine you highfalutin folk up on Crown Hill don't pay no heed to lowly Candle District roaches like me. But I gotta tell ya, yer gonna have a rebellion on yer hands if you don't pay no attention to the conditions down here in the pits. Things are outta control. There ain't no clean water or food. The streets are filled with garbage and there's just too damn many people. I don't know why new construction in the Candle District has stopped. There just ain't no more places for people to live. You can't just keep treatin' folks like this and expect them to put up with it.

Now, don't be takin' my words as a threat. Because you're new to your job, I'm writin' this letter as a warnin'. The people down here have chosen me to represent them and that's what I mean to do. I don't know what all's been going on up there but people down here have had just about enough. I do hope, for all of our sakes, you can find time in your busy schedule to tend to the issues we face down here.


Samuel Rackford

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