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This note is found in the on a Rotting Corpse the third level of the Maw of Enaht.

My skin itches and burns, but I must not touch it. Those grubs did something to me, made my flesh soft like meat that had been boiled too long. My clothes and armor have started to rot and rust away. My hair is falling out. I think this living horror I am inside is slowly digesting me.

I must hurry and find an exit before my life is spent; and when I do, I am going to slit that traitor Tuha's throat like the dog he is. I know where they are taking the second seal and I'll eagerly await their arrival in the shadows of that forsaken fortress.

}But I only have a little flame left and I see it flickering, drawn by a subtle breeze. To find one's way out of a cave, one must follow the direction the torch is blowing. By the light of Rahn, I will have my revenge!

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