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This note is found in the on a Rotting Corpse the second level of the Maw of Enaht.

I had to pause in my exploration. I've lost track of time and the air here is thin. I found the driest place I could to lay down. I know not how long I slept, but I was awoken by large grubs spraying something viscous all over my clothes, almost like spiderwebs. Now my skin tingles where it was exposed.

I dread to think what would have happened if I had not awoken when I did. Would I have been devoured in my sleep, my senses dulled by the strange sludge? The horrid things retreated when I brandished my sword, but I know they are not far behind as I walk. They are in no rush to have their inevitable meal.

I thought my loyalty to Tuha would be how I forged my name in the ranks of the temple guard. I must have angered the priests somehow. But what could I have done? I can think of no altercation that would have them do this to me. Unless this fate awaits all who know the location of the seals?

How do two people keep a secret? One kills the other.

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