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This note is found in the on a Rotting Corpse the first level of the Maw of Enaht.

Tuha, that son of a spider.

He handed me the satchel with the seal. He told me I have served him well all these years and that I was to have the honor of tossing the twice cursed thing into the maw of the sands. And then, when I walk to the edge, the jackal hit me from behind.

I must have blacked out. When I awoke, I saw no light above. I've now wandered inside this forsaken place for hours and everything looks the same. I have no way to mark where I am or where to go. There must be some truth to the legends of this beast spanning the entirety of the basin. It is like a maze, except living...and writhing. And by the depths of nights, the smell; like week old vomit boiling beneath the desert sun.

I've also taken note of several chambers filled with a sickly green fluid. The stench is strongest near them. I've since steered clear of them.

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