Kymon's Scripture: First Passage

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This is a note found on a lectern in Kymon's Retreat.

They mocked us and drove us out. They called us heretics and madmen. They thought our great prophecy and purpose was fanciful and ridiculous.

Woe unto them! Behold the divine wrath that has been delivered onto the unbelievers in the remaking of the world! Our prophecy has come to pass and I hear not laughter anymore. I hear only deathly silence!

Doom has befallen the wicked, the ignorant and the indolent. Only we chosen few, who have trained and prepared our bodies and our souls to weather the cleansing of the world will survive and thrive amongst this death and decay.

Look to your right and to your left, in front and behind you. You see the faces of your hallowed brothers and sisters, bonded together in this holy quest. We have been tasked with the sacred duty to extinguish the last remnants of corruption and reseed the purified land with our progeny so that the new dawn can arise! Take strength in each other and in the knowledge that we are destined to fulfill this divine purpose.

Long have we prepared for this moment and our time of concealment is ending. We will strike forth, boldly Northward and to our destiny. Let not the faithless, the corrupted or the demonic stand in our path, lest our divine wrath be visited upon them!. Now muster my children, gather only those belongings that can profit us in our holy war and let us march forth from this humble refuge unto our destiny!