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This note is found in the Kymon's Study area of Kymon's Sanctuary.

There are questions that have been scratching at the back of my mind. I have tried to push them aside but with each conversation I have with the Messenger they become harder to ignore.

I must ask: when the last demon is driven from this world, what will become of us then? In my heart, I fear I already know the answer, but dare not speak it out loud. I have no doubt that I have made the right choice. The power I have revived will be humanity's salvation from the blood fiends of the Chthonic Void.

However, there must always be evil. And when there is no evil left to conquer who or, more frighteningly, what will fill that emptiness? Will we become as reviled as those who we oppose? The Primordial powers have no care or sympathy for humanity. Without shackles, this power I have borrowed could be just as disastrous as, or perhaps even worse than, Ch'thon.

I now wish I had not burned the town where I awoke this ancient being. If it ever needs to be stopped I may have destroyed the last remaining knowledge to unmake it.

Father Kymon

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