Korvan Expedition - Final Entry

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This note is found in a Dilapidated Urn at the Path of Ascension.

Were the tales of Korvan legends untrue? Were we led astray by false promises? What of the white-hot energy that once warmed the foundations of Korvan City?

There is nothing, no revelation, no great power. The temple runs cold, its heart a hardened mass of blackened glass. The great god who once dwelt here is gone. To where? I do not know. His fate is irrelevant to me. I care only for the power that lingered here and it is all gone.

I am alone now, a lifetime of work and friendship gone...wasted. Roderick lies dead, struck down by the ancient guardian of this place; the only indication that this place was ever worth a damn. Roderick gave his life so that I could reach the heart of the temple. His sacrifice was rendered pointless as the history that led us here proved to be no more than fables. I am certain a great power dwelt here once but it is long gone, perhaps claimed by another.

There is nowhere left for me to go, no reason for me to pursue an existence beyond these walls. And so I shall perish here as well, with the knowledge that my life's work, my very purpose, was to waste. Or perhaps I should return to the guardian that felled my friend and allow it to take me as well, a final tribute to the Eldritch Sun of old.

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