Korvan Expedition - 4th Entry

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This note is found in a Dilapidated Urn in the Remnants of Korvan City.

Day - 33

Now we are free from all hindrance, free of the pretense of money-making and investors who were so concerned with their returns that they shackled us with a league of babysitters to watch over us. This morning, as our cohorts made their way back into the bathhouse for yet another day of sorting and cataloguing the belongings of dead people, Roderick and I barred the doors shut from the outside. I'm brimming with glee to think of the looks on their faces as they return from a long day of graverobbing only to discover that their treasure trove shall also be their tomb.

We are, of course, alone now and without protection. However, traveling will be easier with just the two of us and I have prepared a number of wards that should keep us well-hidden and protected from the ravenous wildlife.

Onward to the temple and the burning heart of Korvan City!

Day - 35

I am awestricken. I stand here, after so desperate a journey, at the foot of a grand temple devoted to Korvaak. The city of his name stretches out in all directions. Its buildings in ruins, collapsed as if kneeling to pay tribute to the Eldritch god. The scars of his wrath run deep through the very foundations of the infrastructure, evidence of the cataclysm which claimed these people centuries ago. There are ancient rivers of stone now cooled and crystalized into black glass. Great upheavals of jagged rock which pierce buildings and form monuments to his anger. All lie in ruin but for the temple. There, at its heart we shall find what we have come for, a power immutable, a wealth greater than all of the riches of mankind.

This we shall claim for ourselves.

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