Korvan Expedition - 3rd Entry

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This note is found in the Cairan Docks.

Day - 29

It has been two tedious and nerve wracking days since we made landfall. Our time is spent cautiously picking our way through arid canyons and barren valleys with no sign of civilization. We are forced to travel huddled together with armed guards at our flanks, a cumbersome but necessary measure. One of our porters was mauled by an unknown predator while relieving himself. We must be incredibly cautious to prevent further attacks.

I am no expert in the study of animals but I have witnessed many here that defy my understanding of the natural world. Massive reptiles skulking in the dunes. Flying predators with wingspans as large as a ship. Beetle-like insects the size of a man. This is a place of deep primordial energy, I feel certain we are on the right path.

Day - 31

Today we have reached the first true evidence of civilization. The lotus symbolism and crumbled remains of guardian statues that I've previously only seen depicted in texts made it abundantly clear that these were indeed the remnants of the Korvan people. Around midday, we walked clear of the insipid and deathly dry desert and there laid out before us were the sprawling ruins of a once glorious city. Beyond the sand covered husks of buildings, I could make out the remnants of a massive port and the bones of ancient ships now resting on the dry salt bed. There was no doubt about it. These were the Cairan Docks, the port that connected Korvan City to the luxurious trade routes that brought power and riches untold to these shores. Beyond it the now barren bay that served as its connection to the outside world. Our efforts are paying off, we are now on the path once trod by the Eldritch Sun himself.

Day - 32

We've uncovered an ancient bathhouse and temple complex at the center of the port city. Our accompaniment insisted on exploring the ruins and carefully cataloguing every grain of sand that appeared unique to them. I tried to impress upon them that this was not the intended destination of our expedition and that it was not the time for delays, not when we were so near, not after so many years of preparation. I will not allow their petty attempts to recover meaningless artifacts to stall our progress.

Perhaps the time for more drastic action has come. I will speak with Roderick in private, beyond prying eyes. We will reach an agreement as to the appropriate next steps.

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