Korvan Expedition - 1st Entry

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This note is found in the Korvan Plateau, near the entrance to the Crawling Nest.

The writings gathered here are to serve as record of our journey to reach the lost Korvan city.

This expedition is the culmination of a lifetime of study by myself, Thomas Peterson and my esteemed colleague Roderick Krane. Together we have focused our efforts on ancient lore that speaks of a magnificent city of gold, hidden deep in the burning desert; a city whose people and culture vanished generations ago. By following the works of Rion the Scholar, sparse regional folklore and a number of cryptic religious texts, we were able to piece together a potential location for the lost city.

From Rion's writings, we know that the main port of entry to the Korvan civilization was a place called the Cairan Docks, a massive coastal city positioned in a protective bay just inland of a large river delta. However, recovered Korvan folklore claims that the waters of this river delta and the protective bay where Cairan was situated turned to flame and were burned away during the supposed cataclysmic event that ended the civilization. After speaking with a number of shipping merchants and retired sailors we have pinpointed a location that fits this description. A strip of land where the desert meets the sea, just north of Cape Erine. The terrain and weather here are apparently so treacherous that few have ventured far from the coast.

It should not go unmentioned that funding for our expedition was provided by a number of wealthy individuals from both Erulan and Malmouth. It does concern me that their interests in the lost city may not align with ours. And they have sent a retinue of individuals to monitor our progress and look after their investment. I am concerned that they may attempt to interfere if things don't seem to be going their way. Roderick assures me that, whatever their intentions, we will not allow them to waylay us from our goal. Though, I suspect he's told them they are likely to find some sort of treasure or otherwise valuable items to make it seem worth investing in our expedition.

And so our journey begins.

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