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Korvaak's Shrine.png

"Korvaak who was when the world was not. Korvaak is eternal, infinite...Primordial..." - The Messenger

Eye of Korvaak Icon.png The Forgotten God. Korvaak is a primordial being, gathering worshippers to face the growing strength of the Dead God.

Campaign[edit | edit source]

You first see his shrine in Shrine of the Forgotten God.

Later on in the quest line Kymon's Secret, you'll be able to access his tomb the Tomb of Korvaak, where you'll pick up his eye.

Quotes[edit | edit source]

  • "A shriveled eye brimming with arcane energies. You can't help but feel as if it's staring back at you." - Eye of Korvaak
  • "Kymon found Korvaak's tomb, he called through the veil and a god answered. Kymon begged for a way to save his people, Korvaak merely asked for a soul. Now Kymon has the power he needs, and Korvaak gets his worshippers." - The Messenger
    • "What is Korvaak?" - Player
      • "Korvaak who was when the world was not. Korvaak is eternal, infinite...Primordial..." - The Messenger
  • "The Dead God grows in strength. It threatens the power of Korvaak, and so Korvaak must become the greater." - The Messenger

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