Katrine's note to Alice

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Katrine's note to Alice is a note that drops from Katrine's Remains in the Fleshworks. It will only spawn if the player has defeated Councilman Hallos, Councilman Garl and Overlord Van Aldritch in Port Valbury, and spoken to Katrine.

My precious Alice, I have failed you.

I have searched as far as my meager body will carry me, and now I am dying.

As my path comes to an end, I find my heart is filled with dread. I wish only to hold you one last time, to hear the rhythm of your heart, to see your warm smile, but I know this cannot be.

The world has no places for wishes and hope has left me. But I pray that somehow, beyond reason, you have survived the horrors that wash over this land.

Wherever I go, whatever I become, I will search for you, my lovely baby Alice.