Journal of Paige Rehnaul - Part 4

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This note is found in the Dump section of Port Valbury: Old Town.

Alden hasn't woken up in a day. I tried to make him eat or drink something, but he can't keep anything down. He is so pale. He is going to die soon. I think I have known this fact for days, but I just didn't want to believe it.

The looters have stopped coming by, likely because there is nothing left to steal. I've braved the upstairs to see what has happened since the fighting stopped and the sight was terrifying to behold. Parts of the city are burning. Most of the homes are abandoned or destroyed. One day, I witnessed a couple running between buildings with their child and a small sack of belongings. I should leave too, but I can't leave Alden.

I don't understand how the city could turn to this so quickly. One moment, we were planning the next stages of our business, the next the city is in a state of war. The worst of it seems to be over though. It's been quiet, so quiet...

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