Journal of Inquisitor Creed - 9th Entry

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Journal of Inquisitor Creed - 9th Entry is a note found in Fort Ikon after commencing the Ashes of Malmouth Expansion content.

With the help of the Taken, we've dealt a serious blow to the Cult of Ch'thon. I don't want to diminish the immensity of such a triumph, especially given the small force and limited resources we're working with but I fear it has come at great cost. While our attention was focused on denying the Leghorrean entrance to this world, the Aetherials were certainly not idle.

Many in Devi's Crossing have paid the ultimate price but such is the way of war and it may sound callous to say but we traded well. Losing only a handful while preventing a monstrosity from escaping the void that could have heralded the end of the world as we know it is a win for humanity.

What disturbs me though is the loss of Ulgrim to the void. Bourbon apparently does not share my concern and I think he sees it as ill-afforded sentiment on my part. Bourbon sees Ulgrim as merely a man but I am certain there is more to him. I believe he is an ascendant, a man who has become a demi-god.

Ulgrim expertly plays the part of a jovial and unassuming character but his eyes say much more. he makes off-handed references to historical events with details and a familiarity of someone recalling a personal memory. For all his outward jocularity, there is gravity to him and it is clear he has witnessed much; I suspect more then one could experience in a single lifetime.

Yet, for all that, and despite his obvious efforts to downplay it, Ulgrim possesses remarkable strength and energy for the middle-aged man he appears to be. He often carries himself in a relaxed, casual manner, moving languidly; but at rare moment, I have seen him react and move with impossible speed.

I feel that he could do much more then he has, in fighting the enemies of man but I am not sure why he is holding back. Perhaps we will never know now. Maybe Bourbon is right, perhaps Ulgrim is lost to the void. Somehow though, I feel we will see him again and, if we do, it would go a long way toward confirming my suspicions.

Then again, strange times are these, where a nameless wretch, cut down from the noose, has risen to become possibly the greatest hero of our time.

It the Taken continues on this path and survives the war, I wonder if perhaps they too are on the path of ascendancy.

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