Journal of Inquisitor Creed - 4th Entry

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Journal of Inquisitor Creed - 4th Entry is a note found inside The Warden's manor in Burrwitch Estates.

I've been a guest to Warden Krieg at his manor for over a week now and my suspicions that something terrible is going on here grow with each day. Every day, I set out to some destination in or around Burrwitch to investigate yet another unusual crime or ominous rumor. Some are easily - dismissed as more mundane human crimes or merely fantastic tales, but many of my investigations have come to darker conclusion. I feel there is a pattern emerging here but I cannot yet put the pieces together.

These are peripheral cases though and the main purpose of my involvement in them is to give pretense for my prolonged stay in Burrwitch. Krieg himself has become the focus of my primary investigation. Despite an overwhelming conviction that Krieg is not what he appears to be and is almost certainly involved in some sort of unnatural activity, I have found no irrefutable evidence of wrongdoing that could be used to open an official inquiry.

Much of the manor itself is closed off to me. There are rooms upstairs from which Krieg and other visitors come and go but I am not permitted to enter. Stranger yet, I've awoken in the night to sounds like the creaking of wagons moving along a road but then looked out my window down upon the village and seen nothing. Where are these sounds coming from? The game of cat and mouse continues but, as of yet, I am not certain who is the cat and who is the mouse...

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