Journal of Inquisitor Creed - 3rd Entry

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Journal of Inquisitor Creed - 3rd Entry is a note found inside the Warden's manor in Burrwitch Estates.

I've finally arrived in Burrwitch after passing through the dismal area known as Wightmire. For years, tales of supernatural occurrences have circulated about Wightmire and indeed the name itself makes one uneasy.

I hadn't put much stock in them but my recent experiences lend some credence to the old tales. Nevertheless, I have reached my destination and it seems the Warden of Devil's Crossing, who resides in Burrwitch, somehow anticipated my arrival. A footman greeted me as soon as I entered town and insisted I accept Krieg's invitation to be put up at his manor. I find this very peculiar but I have accepted the offer as it may be my best chance to investigate the manor itself.

Going to make this entry short as I've just been summoned to join Krieg for supper in the dining hall. This should prove... illuminating.

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