Journal of Inquisitor Creed - 10th Entry

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Journal of Inquisitor Creed - 10th Entry is a note found in the Malmouth Sewer Hideout, after completing the Someone on the Inside quest.

The Taken has forged a path from Burrwitch, through the Gloomwald, and descended again into the very void itself to resurface with none other than Ulgrim. I find it impossible now to dismiss the idea that he is indeed the Ulgrim of legend and an immortal ascendant.

As much as I am grateful to have such a powerful ally in this war, I cannot help but feel a little on edge when he is present. Between Ulgrim and the recent rumors of Mogdrogen, I am concerned that other divinities may also begin involving themselves in worldly affairs; as it is said they did more commonly in ancient times.

This leads me back to the lingering mystery of Kymon. It is apparent that he and his followers are drawing power from some godlike force, but who or what? I am very doubtful of Kymon's claim that it is Empyrion that guides him, as he initially suggested. The power I sensed in Kymon's emissary to Homestead had a feeling of...malevolence to it.

Kymon was once a brethren inquisitor, but he went rogue in the years before the grim dawn. He is clearly not Aetherial, but I fear he's entered into some manner of dark pact with an unknown power. Certainly if Empyrion, the high-god of legend, returned to Cairn, a power such as that would be felt on a larger scale than merely one raving fanatic leading a group of vagabonds.

None the less, whatever entity is behind Kymon's Chosen, clearly it does possess significant power and I am troubled, not knowing its identity or motivations.

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