Journal of Captain Fhaud - Page 2

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This note is found in the on the western edge of the Cairan Docks.

A priest named Tuha arrived today. He is a hard, and unapproachable man. He asked to have his entourage put up for the duration of their stay, which of course I agreed to.

After a night's rest he asked to be shown the premises, culminating in the underground chamber. As we made our way through the fort, I pointed out various features and soldiers of note. Priest Tuha showed little interest. Later on, he interrupted a demonstration by the Blades and asked to be shown across the bridge.

I shudder every time I cross that expanse. Despite my training, I cannot help but fear falling over the edge. The water below would break my fall, but there is no way back should I survive its icy depths. Once beyond the bridge, Tuha became very interested. He examined every rock, every crevice, pushing and pulling on bits of the mosaic adorning the walls. He was searching for weaknesses, I presume.

We spent the remainder of the day there, I sent for food several times, but he touched little of it. Finally, late into the night, he was satisfied. Of what, I could not say. And I dare not ask.

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