Jarren's Journal - What Have I Done?

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This note drops from Jarren the Plaguewarped in Port Valbury: Old Town.

I am writing this for the record in the event that the High Advisor decides to dispose of me, as he already has with the others. I am beginning to fear that I have made a grave error in supporting Van Aldritch in this uprising.

The initial plan was devious, but it made sense. Local sailors spread rumors of corruption and tax hikes while the city guard overlooked the crimes committed by my subordinates to stir up gossip. I became a bit uneasy when we started using the rumors about witches to smuggle women to Malmouth, but Aldritch reassured me that they would be well taken care of, and we were paid handsomely for each one, so I chose not to question it further.

One evening, when we gathered to discuss future plans, Aldritch suddenly began acting very strange. He kept looking over his shoulder as if somebody were watching, and his expression became downright ghastly when he stared at the mirror hanging on my wall. He cut the meeting short and demanded that all future discussion be carried out via courier. Very strange, but I did not think much of it at the time. Figured the old man was getting paranoid as his plans came to fruition.

That left me to deal with Captain Brastock directly. I have never met a more cruel and opportunistic man in my life, and I know every sailor that comes through these parts. I can't imagine it took much to convince him to join the High Advisor's schemes. He informed me that the reports of witches were coming in too slowly, so his men began planting weapons in people's homes to warrant arrests. Each ship sailing to Malmouth is now overflowing with would-be criminals. What Aldritch needs all these people for is beyond me.

It was not until the day Aldritch asked me to transport several large boxes to him in high town though that I started to suspect that something was amiss. Seemed innocent enough at the time, until one of the crane ropes snapped and a crate dropped several feet onto the cobblestones. The wood splintered in several places and a sickening smell flared up our nostrils and made our skin crawl. The crate shook, as if something was alive in there. I could make out a faint green light through the cracks in the side. I had my men carry that thing out of my docks as soon as able.

But it was not 'til the day of Captain Brastock's very bloody public execution that I began to suspect that we are all merely pawns in Aldritch's game and that in the end the only winner of this uprising would be none other than the High Advisor himself. Needless to say, I am keeping a close eye on the Mayor's offices and I doubled the pay of my bodyguards. Aldritch isn't going to get rid of me so easily.

-Jarren, Port Valbury Harbormaster