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When giving the quest A Sacrifice[edit | edit source]


Ah, my rescue arrives! I'm afraid you're too late though. Those bloodthirsty bastards already took my best parts for their altar.

  1. There must be something I can do.Dialogue advances to section 2.
  2. I'm sorry. Rest in peace.Dialogue ends.

I'm as good as dead. Don't waste your time on me. My valuables are going to do nobody any good hidden away under a tree stump though. You have slain my captors, so you earned this much.

Follow the river outside the cabin to the river delta and search the shore. When the world went down the slith hole, I hid my most valuable possessions away underneath a loose tree stump. Take whatever you want, just bash some cultist heads in for me, eh?

  1. I already found the stash.This option only appears if the player has already looted Isaac's stash. Dialogue advances to section 3.

Hah...I guess...I should have hidden it...better, eh?

*Isaac grimaces in pain*

I...hope my things...serve you well...

  1. Rest in peace.Dialogue ends.

When talked to again[edit | edit source]



  1. Rest now.Dialogue ends.