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The Inventor Darlet is an NPC that offers three services for the player, and is initially unlocked after completing the quest The Inventor's Apprentice.

There are a total of three Inventors throughout the game.

Salvage[edit | edit source]

The salvage chamber is used to separate Components from items. The player can then choose to keep either the item or the added component. If the item is recovered , the component will be lost, and vice versa. A different component can then be applied to the salvaged item, or the salvaged component used on a different item. Augments can also be removed without destroying the item.

Dismantling[edit | edit source]

Placing an item greater than Common (white) quality in the Dismantle chamber will break it down into basic parts, converting the item into valuable scrap and components. The more powerful the item, the more powerful the components it can generate. This process requires Dynamite.
The Inventor is able to Dismantle items after completion of the Dangerous Curiosity side quest.

Transmuting[edit | edit source]

With the Forgotten Gods Expansion, The Inventor is able to exchange one piece of an item set for another random piece of the same set. The ability is unlocked for all Inventors after completing the Tome of Eanatum side quest for Kargon.
Transmuting cost:
Polished Emerald Complete.png 1 x Polished Emerald
Aethercrystal.tex.png 3 x Aether Crystal
Eldritch Essence Icon.png 1 x Eldritch Essence
120,000 Iron Bits