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The Inquisitor is the first of two new Masteries announced by Crate, due for release with an Expansion sometime in 2017.

As members of the esteemed Luminari Order, Inquisitors where were responsible for protecting the erulan Empire from the dangers of the arcane and the occult. Over the centuries, the Inquisitors gathered together countless relics of unimaginable power, but duty sometimes overcomes safety, and some of these relics were studied and in turn replicated for use by the Inquisition. While they excel with ranged weapons, Inquisitors are armed with an arsenal of relics and arcane runes that allow them to be more than capable in close-quarters combat.

Lore[edit | edit source]

Trained by the secretive Luminari Order, inquisitors were officially sanctioned by the Erulan Emperor to hunt down and eliminate all eldritch and arcane threats to the empire. This dangerous and thankless duty necessitated some unconventional means of combat, including using the powers of their very enemies against them.

Skill Tree[edit | edit source]

Mastery Progression[edit | edit source]

File:Mastery Icon7.png Rigorous training against the arcane and the occult.

Each point invested in the Soldier skill mastery gives the following stat bonuses:

  • +2.5 Physique
  • +3.5 Spirit
  • +4 Cunning
  • +22 Health
  • +16 Energy

Class Combinations[edit | edit source]

Combining the Inquisitor with another Mastery forms the following hybrid classes:

  • Deceiver (+ Occultist)
  • Infiltrator (+ Nightblade)
  • Mage Hunter (+ Arcanist)
  • Purifier (+ Demolitionist)
  • Apostate (+ Necromancer)
  • Tactician (+ Soldier)
  • Vindicator (+ Shaman)

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