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Inquisitor Main.jpg

The Inquisitor is the first of two new Masteries announced by Crate, due for release with an Expansion sometime in 2017.

Lore[edit | edit source]

Trained by the secretive Luminari Order, inquisitors were officially sanctioned by the Erulan Emperor to hunt down and eliminate all eldritch and arcane threats to the empire. This dangerous and thankless duty necessitated some unconventional means of combat, including using the powers of their very enemies against them.

For you see, while most artifacts and relics were deemed too dangerous and in turn ended up locked away in the impenetrable Vault of the Luminari, duty sometimes overcame safety. By studying these powerful relics, the Luminari have learned how to replicate them for their own purposes, in a way turning the very tools once used against humanity to instead defend it. It takes many years of rigorous training before an inquisitor is granted access to this arsenal, and for good reason. A fully initiated inquisitor is as deadly as she is unpredictable.

Inquisitors are also masters of ranged combat, preferring to take their enemies on at a distance rather than risking themselves to corruption or injury from supernatural forces. However, that does not mean that inquisitors will choke in the thick of battle or balk at using a melee weapon. On the contrary, close quarters is merely an excuse to unleash their full arsenal of artifacts and tricks.

Skill Tree[edit | edit source]

Mastery Progression[edit | edit source]

Class Combinations[edit | edit source]

Combining the Inquisitor with another Mastery forms the following hybrid classes:

  • Deceiver (+ Occultist)
  • Infiltrator (+ Nightblade)
  • Mage Hunter (+ Arcanist)
  • Purifier (+ Demolitionist)
  • Apostate (+ Necromancer)
  • Tactician (+ Soldier)
  • Vindicator (+ Shaman)