I Stand Before the Eldritch Sun

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I Stand Before the Eldritch Sun is a note found in the Sunward Spire.

Here, atop this sacred spire, I bear witness to a tragedy. The land's wounds weep with the blood of the divine, his scarred flesh marred by the wickedness of false gods from a bygone era. The devastation is almost too much to behold, so intimately was the land tied to its benefactor. If it is ever to be healed, the Eldritch Sun must be released.

Each dawn brings us closer to our goals. Last night I beheld the wondrous ascension of our Father. His screams echoed through temple halls. He too now bears the burning scars. The burdens our god carries are made lighter by his sacrifice.

Others will soon follow and I pray to the sun that I am chosen next. May this flesh carry the will of Korvaak; may my hands be made into weapons to carve a path for his return.

As I stand here atop the sacred spire, and the light of another dawn breaks through the twilight of night, I call to the heavens to grant me this honor. Korvaak! Hear my prayers! Grant me your flame and I shall rend our foes unto ash.

Astros the Sunherald