Herald of the Stars

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Herald of the Stars
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The Herald of the Stars is a unique Boss creature located in the Port Valbury Outskirts. It guards the gates to the "roguelike" section of Port Valbury and must be defeated before they can be opened.

The boss fight is divided in two phases. Initially, the Herald is anchored to the ground, attacking the player and summoning Flesh Hulks. Once 50% of its health is depleted, the boss releases itself and starts flying over the battlefield.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Skill Name Skill Type Damage Type
Shattering Ice Projectile
1 Projectile
8 Fragments
Physical Damage
Cold Damage
Ice Armor Aura
10 Meter Radius
10% Damage Absorption
Cold Damage
Frostburn Damage over 2 Seconds
+20% Cold Damage
-25% Movement Speed for 2 Seconds
25% Cold Resistance
Vindictive Aether
25% Chance on Hit
5 Second Cooldown
5 Meter Radius
Aether Damage
+25% Damage against Eldritch creatures
Summon Flesh Hulk
Summons 2 Flesh Hulks
2 Summon Limit
10 Second Duration
Physical Damage
Cold Damage
Frostburn Damage over 5 Seconds
-30% Total Speed for 5 Seconds
Chilling Surge debuff (Stage 1 only)
9 Meter Radius
(2.5 to 3.7) Second Duration
Cold Damage
-25% Physical Resistance
Ice Claw Spin Spin Attack (Stage 2 only)
5 Meter radius
Physical Damage
Cold Damage
Earth Slam AoE (Stage 2 only)
9 Meter radius
Physical Damage
Aether Damage

Resistances[edit | edit source]

Pierce 30%
Aether 75%
Cold 15%
Fire 15%
Lightning 75%
Vitality 30%
Bleeding 100%
Freeze 300%
Knockdown 500%
Petrify 300%
Sleep 500%
Stun 500%
Trap 500%
Confusion 500%
Convert 500%
Fear 500%
Skill Disruption 500%
Life Leech 25%
Mana Leech 90%
  • 8% Chance to Deflect Projectiles
  • 50% Reduced Poison Duration

Notable Drops[edit | edit source]

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