Herald of the Apocalypse

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Herald of the Apocalypse is a Legendary Amulet.

This item can be crafted after finding the Blueprint: Herald of the Apocalypse.

Stats[edit | edit source]

Herald of the Apocalypse Icon.png

Herald of the Apocalypse

"Rumored to have torn open the first rift at the beginning of the Grim Dawn."
Legendary Amulet

+54% Fire Damage
+38% Aether Damage
+54% Burn Damage
10% Physical Damage converted to Fire Damage
+160 Health
+64 Offensive Ability
20% Fire Resistance
+8% Maximum Fire Resistance
+3 to Devastation
+3 to "The Big One"

Granted Skills

Apocalypse (Granted by Item)
Unleash the wrath of the gods themselves as you tear open reality and release a cataclysm of apocalyptic proportions. Only one Apocalypse can be cast at any one time.
250 Energy Cost
15 Second Skill Recharge
4.5 Second Duration
1 Projectile(s)
12 Meter Target Area
3 Meter Radius
556-794 Physical Damage
526-631 Fire Damage

Required Player Level: 75
Required Spirit: 328
Item Level: 75

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