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Heart of the Mountain

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Heart of the Mountain is a Legendary Amulet. It also has a Level 94 Mythical version.

The granted skill allows the player to summon a permanent Yeti as a pet.

Stats[edit | edit source]

Heart of the Mountain Icon.png

Heart of the Mountain

Legendary Amulet

6 Cold Damage
+42% Cold Damage
+42% Frostburn Damage
+6% Attack Speed
6% Cast Speed
24% Vitality Resistance
+1 to all skills in Nightblade
+1 to all skills in Shaman

Bonus to All Pets

+45% to All Damage
Increases Armor by 15%

Granted Skills

Summon Chillmane (Granted by Item)
Calls forth a mighty Chillmane Yeti to fight beside you. Only one Chillmane can be summoned at any one time. The yeti scales with Pet Bonuses.
250 Energy Cost
45 Second Skill Recharge
Chillmane Rocksplitter Attributes:
17508 Health
3069 Energy
Chillmane Rocksplitter Abilities:
172-399 Physical Damage
231 Cold Damage

Required Player Level: 75
Required Spirit: 322
Item Level: 75

Additional information[edit | edit source]

Yeti Pet.jpg

Chillmane Yeti Skills[edit | edit source]

Skill Stats
Frost Breath 1 Meter Radius
100% Chance to Pierce Enemies
544 Frostburn Damage over 2 Seconds
30% chance to Freeze target for 0.5 Seconds
Ice Spikes 2 Meter Radius
100% Chance to Pierce Enemies
192 Physical Damage
196-232 Cold Damage
Megagore 182-335 Physical Damage
245 Cold damage
Stun target for 1 second

Attribute Equations[edit | edit source]

  • Yeti charLevel = (playerlevel*1)+2
Physique (charLevel*7)+40
Cunning (charLevel*6)+40
Spirit (charLevel*5)+30
Health ((charLevel*18)^1.29)+25
Energy ((charLevel*5)^1.2)+150
Offensive Ability (charLevel*5.5)+60
Defensive Ability (charLevel*6)+32

Resistances[edit | edit source]

Physical 15
Pierce 15
Cold 25
Fire 0
Lightning 25
Aether 0
Chaos 0
Poison 0
Vitality 0
Freeze 500
Knockdown 500
Petrify 0
Sleep 0
Stun 75
Trap 0

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