Harnessing the Forgotten

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This note is found in the Bysmiel Cult section of the Conclave of the Three.

There are ulterior motives to my selecting this location for our Conclave. The Dreeg seers have no doubt felt it by now and your spiders have suspected. Yes, the veil is thin here and yes that enables the cults to better work with the gifts of the Eldritch Realm, but another source of power lies buried at our fingertips.

At my behest, one of our most gifted scholars in the veil's mysteries, Mazaan, is working on harnessing this power. As you well know, there are other realms, other constructs of the primordial gods. The statues adorning this sacred place are more than just mere decoration. They are conduits between realities and could be manipulated to form a gateway with enough force of will.

I believe Mazaan is close to a breakthrough and, once he succeeds, we will have an entire realm of untapped potential to harness for our purposes. I for one am eager to see what we uncover if past experience is any indication.