Hargate's Journal - Page 3

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This note is found on a lectern on Floor 1 of Hargate's Laboratory.

I have sent Helen and Ellena away for the summer to visit family in the capital while I continue my work alone. I tasked a few unsavory individuals to gather "volunteers" for the next stage of my research, mere vagrants and Rovers, people nobody would miss. The fees they charged were considerable, but I will pay any price when I am so close to my breakthrough.

The samples arrived in the middle of the night, delivered to their cells as promised. My collaborators took their pay and left promptly without asking any questions. Frankly, they looked a bit disturbed. But I was unfazed. They are but simpletons, unable to fathom the importance of my work.

The specimens began stirring by morning, their frightened cries echoing throughout the lab. I explained to them that they were selected for an important duty, that their lives would finally have meaning and purpose. The scum should have been thanking me, but instead they cursed me as a madman and criminal. I dismissed their accusations and got to work. There was much to be done.

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