Hargate's Journal - Page 2

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This note is found on a lectern on Floor 1 of Hargate's Laboratory.

At Helen's recommendation, I have chosen the lowly green swamp adder as the basis of my experiment. Its short lifespan and rapidly shedding skin made for a malleable test subject. The initial results seemed promising at first. Using high concentrations of Aether energy, we were able to instill various mutations within the specimens, creating new limbs or inducing gigantism. Unfortunately, none of the samples survived beyond a couple weeks, their higher brain functions being seemingly incapable of handling the introduction of additional bodily elements.

For our second batch of experiments, we molded the adders with a few grobles captured by local trappers. The results were... curious to say the least. While this was not the breakthrough I was looking for, we seem to be heading in the right direction. The dull mind of a groble was capable of adapting to its new body, but its primitive and disgustingly malformed physique would see me become the laughing stock of my colleagues. No, I must see this through to its logical conclusion. Helen may frown upon it, but the next step seems clear as day to me...

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