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This note is found on a lectern on Hargate's Isle.

First day at my new lab. I must say, I am thrilled to get started. The days of having my nose stuck in the books are over. There comes a time when studying old tomes reaches its limit. Eventually, one must set out on their own to pursue new ventures and ideas not yet considered. It is our sacred duty as scholars to leave a mark upon the world!

My wife, Helen, and my dearest daughter Ellena will be joining me soon at our new home. Helen has expressed concern about our little girl growing up in a laboratory, so far away from other children, but I've calmed her down. Ellena will have everything she requires provided for, and Burrwitch is just a short boat ride away should she ask for a playmate.

Together, Helen and I are going to do something no Arcanist has dared even consider: the creation of new life. The Aether is a wondrous source of energy, and yet nobody's stopped to ponder its effects upon organic material. Helen's expertise in the biological arts should prove most valuable in this endeavor.

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