Hangman Jarvis/Dialogue

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Start of the game[edit | edit source]

Hangman Jarvis

Still drawing breath, I see. You're one lucky bastard, I'll give you that. Best go speak to Captain Bourbon right away. He seems to have a plan for you now that we've spared your life.

  1. What happened... how did I get here?Dialogue advances to section 2.
Hangman Jarvis

You were possessed, so we strung you up. Seems the spirit fled your body before your life ran out.

I'd have left you to hang but the Captain had other plans. He sees some purpose in you and I'm not going to argue.

  1. Where can I find this Captain then?Dialogue advances to section 3.
Hangman Jarvis

He's up the road, in the courtyard. Don't make me regret cutting you down.

  1. I'll be on my way then.Player receives the Waking to Misery quest. Dialogue ends.
  2. It can wait.Dialogue ends.

Waking to Misery, haven't talked to John Bourbon yet[edit | edit source]

Hangman Jarvis

What are you standing around here for? If you're not gonna make yourself useful, we may as well get another noose ready.

No sense in keeping another mouth to feed.

  1. Who am I supposed to talk to again?Dialogue advances to section 2.
Hangman Jarvis

You slow or something? Captain Bourbon is up the road, by the stone bridge. Now move!

  1. I'm on my way.Dialogue ends.

Waking to Misery, after talking to John Bourbon[edit | edit source]

Hangman Jarvis

The Captain says you're alright, but I've seen what the 'Taken' are capable of. I've got my eye on you.

  1. Very well then.Dialogue ends.

After Waking to Misery[edit | edit source]

Hangman Jarvis

You may have the whole damn place fooled, but I won't fall to your slith tongue, 'Taken'.

  1. What is your problem with me?Dialogue advances to section 2.
  2. I think I'll be going.Dialogue ends.
Hangman Jarvis

My problem? My problem is that you're standing right there instead of burning up in the pile of 'Taken' corpses.

Now I don't know what game you're playing here, but you're bound to slip up. You can be sure I'll be watching.

Off with you.

  1. Fine. I'll be going.Dialogue ends.