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Grobles are a creature type belonging to the Beastkin race. They are small goblin-like creatures and are divided into different clans, each clan specialising in a different damage type. Groble casters can also drop a Monster Infrequent caster focus item.

Groble Variants[edit | edit source]

All Groble clans have the same five variants in common, plus a unique caster.

  • Scavenger: The most common type. Uses melee attacks.
  • Tracker: uses ranged attacks. Can wield firearms and crossbows.
  • Warrior: uses melee attacks with extra magical damage.
  • Champion: uses melee attacks and a shield, and has higher armor.
  • Witchdoctor: Uses projectile magic attacks and cast a chain heal on allies.

Snake Clan[edit | edit source]

Snake Clan Grobles deal Poison & Acid Damage, and are encountered in Act 1.

Stone Clan[edit | edit source]

Stone Clan Grobles specialize in Physical Damage, and inhabit early Act 3 areas.

Ember Clan[edit | edit source]

Ember Clan Grobles use Fire Damage, and inhabit early Act 3 areas.

Sky Clan[edit | edit source]

Sky Clan Grobles use Lightning and Cold Damage, and inhabit early Act 4 areas.

Death Clan[edit | edit source]

Death Clan Grobles specialize in Vitality Damage, and are found only in the Craig's Crags area in Act 1.

Korvan Clan[edit | edit source]

Korvan Clan Grobles utilize Physical, Piercing and Bleed damage, and inhabit the Korvan Plateau areas of Act 7.

Groble Heroes[edit | edit source]

Dranghouls[edit | edit source]


Grobles are sometimes found in the company of a Dranghoul. Much larger and mor powerful than normal Groble, it is unknown if Dranghouls are Grobles or not, but always spawn with them.

Dranghoul Heroes[edit | edit source]

Dranghoul Bosses[edit | edit source]

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