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Ghoul Necrolyte







Ghoul Necrolytes are a type of Undead creature. They spawn relatively rarely and can be found in the Tomb of Korvaak, Lost Tomb of the Damned and The Black Sepulcher areas of Act 4.

Necrolytes posses an aura which buffs nearby allies, and, like other Ghoul champions, create an AoE damage pool on death which deals Bleeding Damage.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

  • Passive Abilities
Additional Vitality Damage
15% Chance of Bleeding Damage over 5 Seconds
  • Devour (melee)
10-14% Reduction to Current Life
Physical Damage
Life Leech over 2 Seconds
  • Vitality Projectile Nova
16 Projectiles in a 360 degree arc
Vitality Damage
Life Leech
  • Frenzy Aura
10 Meter radius
6 Second Cooldown
-15% Total Damage
+15% Health
Health Regen increased by 250%
+40% Movement Speed
+20% Total Speed
  • Crimson Pool (on Death)
2.4 Meter radius
8 Second Duration
Bleeding Damage
Reduced Offensive Ability for 2 Seconds

Resistances[edit | edit source]

  • Fire: -20%
  • Pierce: 15%
  • Vitality: 30%
  • Sleep: 500%
  • Knockdown: 33%
  • Stun: 33%
  • Trap: 33%
  • Freeze: 33%
  • Petrify: 33%

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