First Seal of Morgoneth

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First Seal of Morgoneth Icon.png
"In the darkness bound, Morgoneth's vile tongue saw seven fall from grace. Joined in the night, his fate became theirs. No longer will they bask in the light of the Eldritch Sun. They craved the cold embrace of night and so forever will they roam its dark tapestry.

The way is shut, the heresy sealed. But should the Korvan faith be shaken once more by Morgoneth's folly, then seek the second seal where stone meets the bleached sands, beyond the watchful eye of twin gryphons.

I pray that knowledge of this black stain upon the Korvan lands will be lost with our final breaths."

The First Seal of Moroneth is a quest item used in the Paying Debts quest in Forgotten Gods. It drops from Gurblix the Digested, the boss creature in the third level of the Maw of Enaht.

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