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Fire.pngFire Damage is one of the three Elemental Damage types. It is associated with Burn Damage. Spirit increases fire damage at a rate of 0.33% per point.

Skills[edit | edit source]

Demolitionist[edit | edit source]

Fire Strike (Skill) Icon.png Fire Strike: Adds fire damage

  • Static Strike (Skill) Icon.png Static Strike: Adds +% fire damage to Fire Strike
  • Brimstone (Skill) Icon.png Brimstone: Adds fire damage to Fire Strike

Flame Touched (Skill) Icon.png Flame Touched: Adds fire damage and +% fire damage

Blackwater Cocktail (Skill) Icon.png Blackwater Cocktail: Deals fire damage

  • Agonizing Flames (Skill) Icon.png Agonizing Flames: Adds +% fire damage to Blackwater Cocktail

Vindictive Flame (Skill) Icon.png Vindictive Flame: Adds fire damage

  • Ulzuin's Wrath (Skill) Icon.png Ulzuin's Wrath: 40% chance to deal fire damage while Vindictive Flame is active

Grenado (Skill) Icon.png Grenado

  • High Impact (Skill) Icon.png High Impact: Adds fire damage to Grenado
  • Skyfire Grenado (Skill) Icon.png Skyfire Grenado: Converts percentage of Grenado's fire damage to Lightning Damage

Canister Bomb (Skill) Icon.png Canister Bomb: Deals fire damage

  • Improved Casing (Skill) Icon.png Improved Casing: Adds +% fire damage to Canister Bomb

Mortar Trap (Skill) Icon.png Mortar Trap: Deals fire damage

  • Heavy Ordnance (Skill) Icon.png Heavy Ordnance: Adds +% fire damage to Mortar Trap
  • The Big One (Skill) Icon.png "The Big One": Adds a bomb to the end of Mortar Trap's barrage that deals fire damage

Ulzuin's Chosen (Skill) Icon.png Ulzuin's Chosen: Adds +% fire damage to Stun Jacks, Grenado, and Canister Bomb

Occultist[edit | edit source]

Sigil of Consumption (Skill) Icon.png Sigil of Consumption

  • Destruction (Skill) Icon.png Destruction: Adds fire damage to Sigil of Consumption

Summon Hellhound (Skill) Icon.png Summon Hellhound: Deals fire damage

  • Ember Claw (Skill) Icon.png Ember Claw: Adds a skill to the Hellhound that deals fire damage
  • Hellfire (Skill) Icon.png Hellfire: Adds an aura to the Hellhound that gives +% fire damage, and gives fire retaliation

Arcanist[edit | edit source]

Panetti's Replicating Missile (Skill) Icon.png Panetti's Replicating Missile

  • Distortion (Skill) Icon.png Distortion: Adds +% fire damage to Panetti's Replicating Missile

Callidor's Tempest (Skill) Icon.png Callidor's Tempest: Deals fire damage

  • Inferno (Skill) Icon.png Inferno: Adds +% fire damage to Callidor's Tempest

Olexra's Flash Freeze (Skill) Icon.png Olexra's Flash Freeze: Reduces fire resistance

Albrecht's Aether Ray (Skill) Icon.png Albrecht's Aether Ray: Deals fire damage

  • Disintegration (Skill) Icon.png Disintegration: Adds +% fire damage to Albrecht's Aether Ray

Reckless Power (Skill) Icon.png Reckless Power: Adds +% fire damage and fire retaliation while active

Devastation (Skill) Icon.png Devastation: Deals fire damage

Items[edit | edit source]

Unique items[edit | edit source]

Set items[edit | edit source]

Monster infrequent items[edit | edit source]

Relics[edit | edit source]

Components[edit | edit source]

Augments[edit | edit source]

Consumables[edit | edit source]

Constellations[edit | edit source]


  • +10% fire damage
  • +15% fire damage
  • +15% fire damage to pets

Scholar's Light

  • +10% fire damage


  • +10% fire damage
  • +15% fire damage

Autumn Boar

  • +20% fire resistance


  • +20% fire damage
  • +25% fire resistance
  • +x fire damage
  • +20% fire damage

Solael's Witchblade

  • +25% fire damage

Blind Sage

  • +50% fire damage
  • +20% fire resistance

Light of Empyrion

  • +40% fire damage
  • +x fire damage

Ulzuin's Torch

  • +40% fire damage
  • +50% fire damage
  • +20% fire resistance
  • +3% maximum fire resistance