Finger of Gar'Dalvur

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Finger of Gar'Dalvur is an Epic Scepter, available with the Ashes of Malmouth Expansion.

This item also has a level 94 Mythical version.

Stats[edit | edit source]

Finger of Gar'Dalvur Icon.png

Finger of Gar'Dalvur

"The fallen Gar'Dalvur had only one thing to say to his executioners."
Epic One-Handed Scepter
27-68 Fire Damage
1.78 Attacks per Second

+81% Fire Damage
+55% Chaos Damage
+81% Burn Damage
+244 Health
Increases Energy Regeneration by 12%
+14% Casting Speed
+2 to Intensify
+2 to Hellfire Mine

Required Player Level: 45
Required Physique: 289
Required Spirit: 289
Item Level: 45

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