Final Sermon: The End of Times

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This note drops from the Act 3 boss Karroz, Sigil of Ch'thon on level 2 of Darkvale Gate.

Bloodsworn supplicants of Ch'thon, it is with great purpose that we gather here today for what will be my final sermon to you. You have devoted yourselves completely, forsaking all past relations, earthly possessions and free will. You have proven that you are finally ready to become part of a greater whole, to receive the glorious gift of reunification.

I must remain behind with the others to finish our great work, yet, even as you depart your lives, you will advance this broken world one step closer to the end time. The time when the dismal, suffering world will become reunited with Ch'thon, making the oldest of the old whole again and righting the great wrong perpetrated millennia ago by the false gods! These upstart gods who manipulated the course of our existence, set themselves up to be the objects of worship and who have lived off our blood and toil for ages.

The end time will also bring doom to the wayward Aetherials, past agents of the false gods who were betrayed and then cast into the formless aether once their purpose had been served. They have hindered us, slaughtered our brethren and tried to claim dominance over this world. Yet, we must also thank them, for it is the Aetherials who have unwittingly made possible our ascension by destroying the empire and its inquisition. No longer does the inquisition hunt us, suppress our truths nor deny us access to our sacred places. Unshackled from the strictures of the empire, people have awakened from the false dream of civilization and our ranks have swelled.

Not knowing the history of our world, the Aetherials are ignorant of the doom that we will awaken. They cannot surmise our end game and once they realize what they have set in motion, it will be too late for them to stop us! Our most devoted brethren march with legions of the void for Necropolis. They need only prevent our enemies from breaching our final line for even as they attack our forces, the blood they spill will feed our resurrection ritual. Where once we suffered our greatest defeat, our ultimate triumph shall be reborn and the Loghorrean, forerunner of the end time, will carry the thousand screaming voices of Ch'thon into world and usher in a new age!