Fewmet Grips

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Fewmet Grips is a level 94 Epic Hand Armor, available with the Forgotten Gods Expansion. It is found inside a breakable Urn Cluster in Bonebleach Basin.

The unique "-1 Player Level Requirement for Items" stat allows the player to equip the Fewmets of the Questing Beast off-hand item.

Stats[edit | edit source]

Fewmet Grips Icon.png

Fewmet Grips

"These are certainly...effective at containing excitement."
Epic Gloves
1070 Armor

+33% to All Damage
+288 Health
+10% Casting Speed
-1 Player Level Requirement for Items
50% Poison & Acid Resistance
40% Vitality Resistance

Granted Skills

Noxious Fumes (15% Chance on Attack)
Unleash your excitement.
2 Second Skill Recharge
4 Meter Radius
12% of Retaliation Damage added to Attack
50 Acid Damage
50 Vitality Damage
425 Poison Damage over 5 Seconds
80 Reduced target's Offensive Ability for 5 Seconds

Required Player Level: 94
Required Physique: 382
Item Level: 94

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