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When meeting him in Lower Crossing[edit | edit source]


We're all going to die out here.

  1. Calm down, where are you from?Dialogue advances to section 2.
  2. You're on your own.Dialogue ends.

I was staying with a group of survivors down in Devil's Crossing, you know...the old prison, but supplies started running low. I volunteered to go scavenging around Lower Crossing. Figured it was safe enough, but I was wrong.

I got chased in here by a pack of ravenous rift scourges, though I can't hear their maddening skittering anymore. I suppose I have you to thank for that?

It doesn't matter though. The area is overrun with the dead. We won't make it five feet without getting surrounded.

  1. The way back should be clear now.Dialogue advances to section 3.
  2. I suppose I could open a riftgate.Dialogue advances to section 4.
  3. You're on your own.Dialogue ends.

I'm not going back out there again.

The dead will find us and tear us apart.

  1. Well, I suppose I could open a riftgate.Dialogue advances to section 4.
  2. Fine, you're on your own.Dialogue ends.

A what? Isn't that what those...those things are pouring out of?

  1. Well, sort of, but mine will take you home.Dialogue advances to section 5.
  2. Nevermind.Dialogue ends.

I'm having a hard time believing that after what I've seen up in Burrwitch.

But you don't seem to have the look of a 'Taken' about you. I suppose this is my only option.

  1. See you back at Devil's Crossing. (Open Riftgate)Faldis is transported to Devil's Crossing. The player gets the Lost Survivor quest. Dialogue ends.
  2. Forget it. Find your own way home.Dialogue ends.

Lost Survivor, turning in[edit | edit source]


Well I'll be damned, you really came through for me.

The rift took me back to Devil's Crossing, just as you promised.

  1. You're welcome.Dialogue advances to section 2.

I...I'd like to thank you.

Here, take everything I've found out there. It's not much, but maybe you can make some use of it.

  1. Thanks.The Lost Survivor quest is completed, and the player receives the reward. Dialogue ends.

After Lost Survivor[edit | edit source]


I'm never going out there again.

  1. What about supplies?Dialogue advances to section 2.
  2. You said you came from Burrwitch?Dialogue advances to section 3.
  3. Good, you can't handle the risks.Dialogue ends.
  4. You'll be safe here.Dialogue ends.

Not much left to scavenge nearby anyhow.

Besides, I'd be dead right now if you hadn't come for me.

  1. You said you came from Burrwitch?Dialogue advances to section 3.
  2. We'll just have to search harder.Dialogue ends.
  3. Fair point.Dialogue ends.

Yes, had a home in Mud Row before the town fell to the Aetherials. It was terrible. Fire and the dead everywhere around us. I watched my neighbors get torn to pieces by those things.

If it wasn't for Captain Bourbon...

  1. Captain Bourbon saved you?Dialogue advances to section 4.
  2. Sounds awful.Dialogue ends.

If was Captain Bourbon that found us hiding at the boarding house.

He personally rounded up the remaining survivors and led us here through the wilderness.

Even with his help, not all of us made it through the swamps...

  1. Sounds like you have a habit of needing rescue.Dialogue ends.
  2. The captain is a hero.Dialogue ends.
  3. Sounds like it was a difficult journey.Dialogue ends.