Faction Quartermasters

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Faction Quartermasters sell faction specific gear, blueprints, consumables and faction special items (like Writs and Mandates).

List of all Faction Vendors and their specialities

Faction Quartermaster Location Speciality Consumables
The Black Legion Thalia Homestead their blacksmiths make dynamite
The Black Legion Klines Fort Ikon their blacksmiths make dynamite Heartseeker Oil / Blade-ward Tincture
Devil's Crossing Ellis Devil's Crossing
Homestead Whitfield Homestead Dermapteran Oil / Courageous Tincture
Kymon's Chosen Brother Adrius Kymon's Sanctuary
Order of Death's Vigil Keeper Malvor Bastion of the Order
Rovers Keeper Unkala Old Arkovia
The Outcast Anasteria's Drudge Fort Ikon Prison
Coven of Ugdenbog Falonestra Coven's Refuge
Barrowholm Igrid Galstrom Barrowholm
Malmouth Resistance Plaudia Malmouth Steelcap District Potion of Clarity (aka XP Potion)
Malmouth Resistance Ronan Karkan Malmouth Sewers